RADER PrecisAgri

RADER PrecisAgri (Precision Agriculture) is our platform for Climate-Smart Agriculture and sustainable agroforestry.

In particular, it allows geolocation and satellite management of agricultural, agroforestry and forestry holdings, allowing farmers to have maps of their farms, to control and manage the farms remotely, to control climate and soil data, to calculate needs in fertilizer, anticipate parasite attacks, program and monitor activities, to easily obtain cover offers for index-based climate insurance, reassure the State and donors on the proper use of the financial support they provide them and raise guarantees for bank loans, since these stakeholders will also be able to know what is happening in the farms where they have an interest;

The franchises of this label are GREENDRIVERS level III and are called EMASCERT (Mobile Service and Certification Teams) or Agro-Consultants